Father Focus

Meet Scotty Miles

Scotty came into the program looking for advice on how to get his child out of a bad situation.  No longer with the child's mother, Scotty had little influence over major decisions in his life, and no rights under the law to remove him from the poor environment he was living in. 

After attending A Father's Way's classes on parenting and learning his responsibilities as a father, Scotty felt compelled to fight for his rights as a parent.  Scotty learned that the father has little to no rights unless he fights for them, so he began the up hill legal battle to get custody of his son. 

Scotty availed himself of all the benefits of the program while pursuing custody, electing to attend Healthy Relationships classes as well as Economic Stability.  Mr. Miles wanted to learn how to improve his relations with his child's mother as well as his financial status should he be granted joint or full custody.

Through the assistance of A Father's Way, Scotty was able to obtain full custody of his son and provide a loving stable home for him to grow and flourish.  Mr. Miles is self employed with a thriving transport business that allows him provide well for his son. He stated that it is his intention to continue his work with A Father's Way to help other young men realize their potential as fathers.