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How do engaged fathers impact a community?


When fathers are a positive part of children’s lives, those children are:

  • 80% less likely to spend time in jail
  • Twice as like to go to college
  • 70% less likely to experience teenaged pregnancy

Those are differences that can have a major impact on a community.

When children have more success and stronger family support:

  • Communities have to spend fewer resources to address problems such as crime and child welfare
  • Schools face fewer obstacles because children are ready and motivated to learn
  • The odds of breaking generational poverty cycles are increased, so entire neighborhoods can see their standard of living lifted up

South Carolina taxpayers benefit tremendously our state’s fatherhood initiatives. In 2018 alone, the Midlands Fatherhood Coalition:

  • Saved taxpayers $3.47 million in the 15 counties we serve
  • Generated $850,603 in child support through our participating fathers
  • Served 2,648 children by helping their fathers become better dads

Read all impacts and outcomes in our 2020 Impact Report.

“Once a participant is successful in a fatherhood program, this is what I see: The custodial parent receives child support; calls for enforcement are reduced; family court dockets are reduced.”

-S.C. Department of Social Services