Healthy Relationships

Dads are more successful as parents when they can have productive relationships with their child’s mother and the other adults in children’s lives.

Children, of course, benefit from seeing their parents treat each other with kindness and respect. For fathers who didn’t have positive role models in their own lives, this is a chance to show their own children how to be a good man.

We provide relationship guidance for fathers.

  • Managing stressful conversations and minimizing conflict
  • Understanding the challenges mothers face, so that fathers can help solve problems instead of creating new ones
  • Learning about the contributions that extended family and community members can make to supporting children’s goals
  • Appreciating how their behavior toward adult family members, teachers and others is teaching their children how to treat others with respect
  • Considering how marriage to their child’s mother could be a positive step for their children and themselves
  • Knowing when to take legal action and how to minimize the negative impact on children