Father Focus

Meet Alan Shropshire

Alan Shropshire was between jobs and needed help with pursuing a career change. So when he learned about Lancaster Fatherhood Project through one of our partner agencies, he was excited to enroll in the program.

Shropshire’s primary goals in the beginning included improving his employment options and better providing for his wife and children.

He attended our Job Readiness Boot Camp, during which he learned about certain grants through Carolina Community Actions, Inc. that would pay for the classes he needed to get his commercial driver’s license.

He worked closely with his intervention specialist to submit his application. Luckily, he was awarded the grant and went on to obtain his license. Shropshire began his new career with a trucking company in February 2017. He credits the fatherhood program with helping him get into his desired career and still attends sessions at Lancaster Fatherhood Project when he’s not on the road.